Unique sensory experience

Glass Emotion Bridge

Concept and design:
Torsellini technical office

Construction and installation:
Torsellini Vetro production departments in synergy with complementary companies in the area

Year: 2018

Footprint: 12 x 4 meters Height: 5 meters


Torsellini Vetro created a thrilling new installation for Varese: the Glass Emotion Bridge. This exciting structure gave visitors the opportunity to experience the feeling of being suspended above a void, along with an unprecedented view of Varese city centre.

The work was the brainchild of Roberto Torsellini, supported by the Varese Design Week Team and created in partnership with a group of entrepreneurs from Varese. It remained in Piazza del Podestà, overlooking Corso Matteotti in the heart of the city from 12 April to 13 May 2018.

When Varese Design Week finished on April 17, the Glass Emotion Bridge remained in place to raise money for charity. All proceeds from the voluntary donations received from visitors were donated directly to four local charities working in the area.

The installation comprised 3 main elements connected together to form an exhilarating walking experience: a staircase, a walkway and a terrace.


This essential element provided access to the walkway, which stood 5 metres above the ground. It comprised 3 flights, each 120 cm wide.


The central and most exhilarating feature of the exhibition: 120 cm wide and 4 metres long, it was made using extra-transparent tempered laminated glass approximately 4 cm thick. Parapets ran the entire length on both sides, in extra-transparent tempered laminated glass to provide fall protection. These were held within special aluminium profiles. Externally, the parapets featured a magical, illuminated cascade of water.


Viewing platform made of a completely transparent 4x4-metre surface, which used the same glass floor and parapets as those used on the walkway.

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