Without past there is no future

Glass Emotion Park

Concept and design:
Torsellini technical office

Construction and installation:
Torsellini Vetro production departments in synergy with complementary companies in the area

Year: 2019

Footprint: 100 square meters Height: 5 meters


The theme of Varese Design Week 2019 was showcased through a new installation by Torsellini entitled the Glass.Emotion Park. The installation uses mirrors to create a playful collage of images at the centre of Piazza San Vittore, literally showing perspectives of the square from myriad viewpoints.

Four cuboids in mirrored and lacquered glass of differing heights – up to 5 metres tall – stand at the centre of the square covering an area of about 100 m2. Two faces contain digital images printed directly onto the glass which show three-dimensional geometric patterns created by the Varese designer Marcello Morandini.

The playful reflection of images multiplies people and objects, because the city of the future is both alive and lively. The city of the future is also respectful of its roots. The entire perimeter of the square is reflected: the basilica and the palazzi. Past and future blend together in a new narrative.

The city of the future is in balance with nature

Around the glass cuboids, trees and lawns lend a sense of well-being. The evening lighting makes the experience even more evocative and romantic.
This installation is the culmination of a partnership which teamed the skills of Torsellini Vetro with those of other local companies.

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