For sixty years we have been transforming simple glass sheets into glazing masterpieces.
Glass experts since 1960.

Lake Varese (Italy) is the place where we master our glass and design solutions that always meet your requirements. We take care of every single detail because all of our glassworks is completely tailored around you and your needs.

We guide you
with confidence into
the world of glass.

The company was born as a craft workshop: Vetreria Torsellini owned by Galeazzo and Angelina. The laboratory was initially based in Via Mentana, then was moved to Viale Ticino (Varese, Italy) where the family used to live. Workspace on ground floor, house above. Work and family together.

Daughter and son Mara and Roberto decided to continue the family workshop towards increasingly open and fascinating spaces, full of technique, knowledge and creativity.
The current operating headquarters is in Via della Ciocca, industrial area of Gavirate, where the latest evolution took place in 1990: the glass factory turned into Torsellini Glass Srl. Today as yesterday, all the staff works with the same passion providing attention, care and precision to every production phase.

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Torsellini Vetro
is synonymous with
experience and
rewarding answers

In the international market, aimed at design beauty and harmony, Torsellini Vetro contributes to the creation of strong-impact architectural works.

without dividing.
The masterpiece
is in the details.

Our experience is at the service
of architecture and design.
We offer technical solutions that combine
beauty with functionality.



ISO 9001 certified for over 20 years

Torsellini Vetro makes use of the latest automated equipment
for cutting and the treatment of glass.