Emotional space for exclusive events

Glass Emotion Hall

Concept and design:
Torsellini technical office

Construction and installation:
Torsellini Vetro production departments

Year: 2017

70 sq. square mirrored base Height: 6 meters Weight: 20 tons Total glass surface: 250 sqm Floor area: 70 sqm Tempered and laminated glass walls Steel framework Revolving stage in black lacquered glass


Glass.Emotion Hall is a glass-and-steel pyramid created by Torsellini Vetro as a tribute to the city of Varese to celebrate Varese Design Week 2017. This temporary installation was conceived, designed and built in just over 20 days: an intense period that require great energy and determination. The installation remained for the duration of the event, and was then disassembled and made available for use in a new location.

The structure has a square base with 8.5 metre-long sides and a height of 6 metres – about a quarter the size of the famous pyramid at the Louvre in Paris. The walls are made up of 12 sheets of transparent tempered and laminated glass of about 5m by 3m mounted onto a frame made of specially designed steel profiles. Thanks to the offset in the stratification of the sheets, the external surface of the glass is flush and seamless. The base cladding is made with tempered and silvered glass modules that form a mirrored floor covering 70 m2. The total weight of the structure is 20 tons. In the centre, a 2m-diameter rotating structure in dark glass acts as a stage for artistic performances; the stage completes 1 full revolution every minute.

Light, Art, Design

From 7 to 13 April 2017, during the Varese Design Week, the Glass.Emotion Hall came to life with evocative plays of light and artistic performances that followed one another in a sort of continuous sensorial and experimental blending.

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