Dolce & Gabbana

Milan, Italy


Pilasters for the curtain wall of D&G offices.

In collaboration with Sicef spa
Project - PIUARCH

Covering 5000 m2 of offices and showrooms, one of the most breathtaking buildings in Milan is the Dolce&Gabbana headquarters in Via Broggi. It’s the culmination of a careful process of refurbishment and renovation of two adjacent and connected buildings.
The contrast between the spaces that was the focus of the project is highly effective, and the two styles – classic and contemporary – interact with each other and with the surrounding urban context in perfect harmony. The facade of the more modern of the two buildings has been completely replaced with glass.




meters of structural

Our contribution is the extra-clear screen-printed glass pilasters on the perimeter which have been laminated with satin film. The sheets were given a 45-degree bevel and structurally welded within the double glazing units. They provide very effective sun protection, thanks to the play of light and shadow that’s created during both day and night. The screening of these vertical elements lets light flood into the interior of the building as well as providing passers-by with a view of the clothes hanging on racks which line the entire perimeter of the facade.


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