Murola Winery

Macerata, Italy


Scenographic solutions for the winery.

Project - Architetti Franco Henny e Pietro Presti

Cantina Murola is one of the premier wineries in the Macerata heartland.
The cellar walls are completely covered in black enamelled glass, lending a superbly elegant ambiance to the environs where the wine is aged. At its centre, the transparent pyramid serves as a skylight, as well as providing a striking artistic element.
The tasting room is known as the “Scheggia”, or “shard”. It possesses an ambiance specially designed for wine tasting, with a distinctive shape inspired by the hull of a ship. It’s crafted from transparent and black enamelled glass. Access to other areas of the winery is punctuated throughout by black glass sliding doors.


black glass


meters of
glass balustrades

Exterior: the terrace garden is surrounded by a glass balustrade which leads the eye to the magical views of the surrounding countryside. The stainless steel uprights have been designed to resemble the vertical posts of a wooden fence.
The laminated safety glass lean-to blends perfectly with the architecture of the existing structure. The ample windows of the large entrance lobby have minimalist sliding aluminium frames and enhance the sense of connection with the outside space.


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