Thor Specialties

Varese, Italy


Reflections of light for
the headquarters.

Project - A&G architetti, Arch Marco Giachetti

For the Italian headquarters of the multinational Thor, world leader in the chemicals sector, we created the curtain wall for this elegant building. The Schuco thermal break aluminium profiles are from the FW50 series in silver colour.
All windows are in spectrally selective low-e double glazed units to provide solar control. The supporting structure comprises trestles in white painted tubular steel.


thousand euros
order value


square meters
of glass sheets

Inside, the wide, 4-metre high staircase connects the sales and executive offices which are situated on two floors. Each of the two flights is punctuated by a triple laminated glass landing.
Steps and landings are all made with non-slip glass featuring madras textured flooring. The staircase parapets are in tempered laminated transparent glass, anchored to the lateral supports with single-point fixings in stainless steel.


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