Russian Projects



Glass works in Moscow and in the Soviet republics.

"Every now and then it reminds me of the crazy cold weather in Yakutsk - eastern Siberia - where it took me a long time even to conduct a simple site inspection because staying more than a minute on the scaffolding meant risking to freeze to death" - Roberto Torsellini

In the 90s we encountered the opportunity to create important glassworks in and around Moscow and we had seized it. We have worked in many construction sites in the Soviet area. The first was Staryj Oksol, a city in southwestern European Russia. We supplied and installed insulating glass units complete with fixtures for an 80-room hotel.

In Moscow, the capital of the largest transcontinental state in the world, we created feature mirror walls and stained glass windows for the presidential office of the Kremlin.

For the Golden Ring Hotel, located in the Arabat district of the city, we produced and installed the external windows of the new wing and the internal covering of the dome above the panoramic restaurant at 90 meters. For the Mapo Bank, we produced the external windows and for the Infinity Architectural Center the façade and the transparent roof.


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In Yakutsk, the coldest city in the world in the Russian republic of Yakutia, we produced the automatic armoured glass doors for the Diamond Museum, and the glass doors inside the central building for the city's Hospital.

In Astana, Kazakhstan, we had the honour of producing stained glass windows with engraved decorative motifs for some internal areas of the Parliament.

In Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, the former republic of the Soviet Union, we created curtain walls and the glass dome of the headquarters for the NBU (National Bank of Uzbekistan). For the other four branches of the bank, the glazed entrances and glass partitions for the offices. Furthermore, in the same city, we produced and installed the external windows of the central Town Hall.

These experiences have increased our professionalism and competence… and now we are happy to be able to make them available for you.


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