PR House

Lake Maggiore, Italy


There is no boundary between
the inside and the outside.

Marco Reggi photographer
Project - Studo Ecoarch

Large dimensions are increasingly demanding in contemporary architecture.


Square meters
single window


weight in KG

The large transparent windows bring the external environment inside the house. There are no more boundaries between the inside and the outside.
Our minimal windows have a significantly reduced perimeter frame for a stunning "all-glass" effect. They allow the housing of triple windows, sun control and reinforced thermal insulation to bring light and well-being inside the house. The large sliding windows are electrically operated, and the opening and closing are managed with home automation systems.

Expert hands must install such significant elements using specific suction caps to move the glass, with a lifting capacity of up to 3 tons.
Once the glass is installed, it becomes secure and, in a certain sense, "eternal". With good sealing and proper dowels, the windows do not undergo any alterations and withstand the action of ultraviolet rays.


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