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    Railings and glass balustrades

    Becomes more widespread the use of glass for the construction of railings and balustrades.

    The advantages of architectural lightness, transparency and therefore no obstacle in view of the simplicity of their design, they much preferred the glass also in the structures to protect it from falling into the void.

    As the glass inserted in the Construction Products Directive is applicable to glass products for building the Ministerial Decree dl January 14, 2008, known as the TECHNICAL STANDARDS FOR THE CONSTRUCTION NTC 2008., Currently only document binding, with the force of law. The same is supplemented by technical specifications issued by recognized organizations, in and of itself is not compulsory but is taken as reference in the absence of specific directions given by the legislation.

    So for glass railings refers to UNI 7697 (safety glazing in), which establishes for the specific application using glass class 1 (B) 1, ie laminated glass that tested according to the criteria established by UNI EN 12600 are able to withstand a shock of 600 Joules. The determination of the resistance of railings, banisters or railings Precast is governed by the UNI 10805-10806-10807-10808-10809. The argument takes into account the UNI EN 14019 relating to the curtain (impact resistance performance requirements).

    As intended as load bearing structures of the crowd, glass balustrades are subject to the requirements of the NTC 2008: must withstand a static load distributed equal to 200 kg per linear meter (2 kN / m).

    The strength tests in situ (on the job site) is to assess not experience any breakage, failure or degradation that could compromise the safety requirements for the product. It important to also evaluate the behavior post-breakage, ie the bearing capacity of the element * residual glass in the case where one or all of the slabs break (* the time required before a glass element collapses permanently damaged).

    The calculation and selection of the composition of the sheets if you need to consider the size and the method of anchoring.

    It currently in the design phase a technical document UNI: Glass Construction Determination of resistance of slabs of glass elements applied as fulfilling the function of buffering Calculation procedure.”

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    For energy savings

    They are the low-emission glass that are able to give, assembled in double glazing, the best performance of thermal insulation. The layer of metal oxides deposited on these products with a magnetron or pyrolytic process, reflecting inward (keeping the building) the amount of heat that tend to go out by radiation through the transparent parts. Is reduced so effectively the thermal transmittance (U-value = expressed in W / mqK); it represents the amount of energy per unit time, of the surface and for the difference of 1 degree passes from one part of a stained glass window.
    In Italy, in implementation of Directive 2002/91/EC on the energy performance of buildings, were issued Legislative Decrees No. 192/05, No. 311/06 and No. 115/08, which defines the limit values ​​of the thermal transmittance in six climate zones in which was divided the nation. In addition, some regions, such as the Lombardy Region with DGR No. 8/5018, No. 8/5773 and Decree No. 9527 of 30/08/2007, provide limit values ​​immediately stricter than national legislation which provides for a transitional period until 2011.
    Our insulating glass production evolved offers a REINFORCED INSULATION, beyond the legal requirements.
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    For solar control

    They are called solar control glass ones better able to shield the radiation of heat and give comfortable living in the warmer months.
    The solar factor FS is the percentage value given by the ratio of incoming energy into the building (direct solar energy + energy absorbed by the glass and rebroadcast inside) and solar energy incident on the glass. The lower the value FS solar factor, the better the insulation from external heat.
    For a good solar control and containment of costs of packaging, in addition to the traditional clear glass colored throughout the mass and the reflective glass mirror, we can now offer advanced glazing technology that simultaneously combine high light transmission, neutral and transparent appearance drastically reduced supply summer energy.
    Are defined multifunction or selective glasses that combine high performance thermal insulation and solar control.
    Ask us for more information.
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    For the safety

    Let us know your need for security, because the range of glass we offer is extensive. Security against the risk of injury, against manual attack and the attempted break-in, security bulletproof.
    The term “unbreakable” not exhaustively identifies the security level. Ask rather GLASSES ANTIFERITA and FALL (classified according to the UNI EN 12600), BURGLAR GLASSES (classified according to their resistance to impact by steel ball and attack with hammer and ax by the UNI EN 356), BULLETPROOF GLASS (according to the UNI EN 1063).
    Please contact us for further information.
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    Services for professionals

    Services for operators in the sector: in all cases in which the relief of shapes is particularly challenging and requires absolute precision, ask us for our assistance for the relief measures, although in different areas from applications glassmaking. Have digital equipment for the accurate measurement of three-dimensional elements of any nature.
    We process digital files immediately transferable to the operating machinery.