What we realize

Interior design division

  • Glass doors, sliding and swing
  • Stained glass partition
  • Mirrors for bathroom furniture
  • Shower, vanity tops crystal
  • Exhibitors and glass cabinets
  • Doors and shelves for libraries
  • Glass tables
  • Decorative stained glass ┬ápolychrome
  • Furnishing


Building Division

  • Continuous glass coating for buildings
  • Glass facades on time
  • Glass thermal insulation, acoustic, solar control
  • Glass doors and partitions for offices and interiors
  • Walls and bulletproof windows and accident prevention
  • Crystal parapets for exterior and interior
  • Glass and window frames, doors and gates
  • Hedges crystal
  • Protection of safety glass for banks and public offices



  • Automatic doors
  • Tempered glass
  • Adaptation of existing windows with double glazing
  • Glass canopies
  • Specialized installations