Our mission? To transform glass.

We did it since 1960,
distinguishing ourselves for the good service and the quality of the product.

We work with the ultimate automatical equipments: plane surface glass plates with standard dimensions of  321x 600 cm are introduced, picked up, cut, countersank, ground, assembled, checked and get out transformed in finished products fit for the customer.
Also in the delicate phase of the installation we put at your disposal our professionality and specialization.
Contact us if you love the glass: glass is elegance, distinction, light.
Contact us if you are afraid of glass: because glass is safe, strong in its performances, protective and comfortable.
Great, great, great over the extreme limits that designers, architects and furnishing experts ask us: we always answer to all the most actual and ambitious requirements of building and furnishing industry.
Please contact our technical-business relation compartment.

A 50 years emotion

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